Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour

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Benjamin's Arcades: an unguided tour

Benjamin's Arcades: An Unguided Tour by Peter Buse

A couple of things need fixing up but here goes! English journalist George Augustus Sala, visiting Australia in as a correspondent for the Daily Telegraph , wrote a series of syndicated articles, The Land of the Golden Fleece , describing the land, peoples and cities of the continent. Arriving in the midst of rapid population and urban growth, he paints a picture of booming and elegant antipodean cities, tinged with slight incredulity at how far these cities had come in such a short time period.

This relatively brief characterisation highlights the inextricable connection of the history of the Australian shopping arcades and other urban forms with their European origins.

One such idea embraced by Australian entrepreneurs was the shopping arcade, a structure considered representative of urban modernity, with their innovative organisation of semi-public retail and leisure space and use of new technologies in their construction. While they were, in their origins and in public perception, a very European form of architecture and social space, the arcades were in fact a global phenomenon, adopted as a popular architectural solution in European-influenced cities throughout North and South America, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Within his essays on the city and in his major work, The arcades project , Benjamin explored facets of urban modernity — technological advances, commodity consumption, the transience of the modern city, changes in urban space — that were to be found represented within these buildings.

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With their widespread adoption in cities and towns on six continents, the arcade might arguably be utilised to explore the history of any urban space in which one was located, including Australian cities and towns. These architectural forms incorporated and were inspired by technological and industrial advances that characterised modern urban spaces in the nineteenth-century, such as the introduction of gas lighting and electricity and developments in iron, steel and glass construction.

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They were an economic and social centre, both a product and a representation of diverse strands of social, cultural and political changes, which occurred in different cities and nations at different times throughout the world. Lining the pedestrian ways that were the heart of these buildings were individual stores that provided specialised goods and services intended to attract the custom of the rising middle classes to whose identity the conspicuous consumption of luxury goods sold in such establishments was central.

Most were truly intended to be cities in miniature, housing an enormous diversity of spaces including refreshment rooms, offices, studios, theatres, galleries and more. With opulent decorations, bountiful products on display, diverse entertainments, and refreshment rooms, they were intended as enclosed and rarified spaces removed from the outside world in which to indulge the senses.

The Best Documentary Ever - Weak Messianism: Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project

Other forms of retail space with which the arcade form had synergies — the department store, the shopping mall — developed and arose. Some arcades lost popularity relatively rapidly, while others, never quite achieved it. Stores and goods found in them changed with the changes in consumption and fashion. Changes were made to the physical fabric of the buildings in order to attempt to make them viable or in step with architectural fashion.

Some continued to be well-frequented shopping locations, meeting place or thoroughfares, while others became down at heel and empty. The Testaments Margaret Atwood Inbunden.

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Walter Benjamin

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  8. Skickas inom vardagar. The Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin's unfinished masterpiece, is a brilliant but maddening book. Benjamin's Arcades: an unGuided Tour looks for the method behind the madness, carefully reconstructing the intellectual and political context of the work and unpacking its numerous analogies, metaphors and conceptual gambits. Written by three literary scholars and one historian, this text is both a reading companion and a vigorous interpretation of one of the most important humanistic texts of the twentieth century.

    Benjamin's Arcades is composed of 16 entries and a specially designed 'convoluted' index. Some of the entries confront Benjamin with a different reading of his own historical sources Blanqui, Marx, Giedion , others look intensively at key themes, obsessions, and images the gambler, commodity fetishism, the Angel of History, magic. Throughout there is discussion of the relationship of Benjamin's work to current and past debate on topics such as modernity, Judaism, fascism, and psychoanalysis. Benjamin's Arcades opens up Benjamin's texts to a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives and will be an essential text for those seeking to better understand this extraordinary work.


    Judaism 5. Modernity 6. Magic 7. Insurrection 9. Angel of History Awakening Advertising Nations Idleness Night Nazis Index. Click here for North and South America. We would like to place cookies on your computer to improve your viewing experience and help us make this website better.

    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour
    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour
    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour
    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour
    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour
    Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour Benjamins Arcades: An unGuided Tour

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